Nebraska was off this past Saturday, but college football was in full swing with a ton of interesting games up and down your television guide.
All those games helped this sports writer maintain his own sanity.
As for the sanity of college football itself...let’s just say that any logic or reasoning that went on in the preseason seems like the crazed rantings of a football layperson at this point.
The week’s action started off well enough when Clemson ripped apart Boston College in a Thursday night game. We expected that.
But Oklahoma needed every bit of 45 points to outscore Texas when the Sooners should not have been pushed that hard.
Notre Dame lost, albeit in a monsoon at North Carolina State, Kansas neared upset TCU.
The Navy Midshipmen beat No. 6 Houston.
Virginia Tech beat a North Carolina team 34-3 in a road setting a week after the vanquished team had topped Florida State.
Michigan State, it was thought, would surely get going in the right direction after being upset by Indiana last week. Instead, it was BYU with an easy win.
Texas A&M scored 21 first quarter points, but needed two overtimes to win 45-38 against the Vols of Tennessee.
Colorado seemed to out play USC in nearly every aspect of the game.
The Trojans won. And yes, that sounds sane. But the Colorado Buffaloes have been awful for years. And USC had all the talent and a homefield advantage on Saturday. It wasn’t enough to win in comfort.
Michigan won by scoring 78 points on Saturday. Remember they have a sophomore at quarterback. He threw nine pass completions a season ago, which was Jim Harbaugh’s first year coaching the Wolverine program.
Remember how lost the Wolverines looked in going 5-7 in 2014. Doesn’t matter now.
Saturday finished crazy with Florida State recovering from its loss to North Carolina by beating Miami. Oregon State topped a California team that was thought to be a better squad than the Colorado team that had trounced Oregon State by 41.
That’s Ok, I am sure that everyone would have figured Washington State, a team that couldn’t beat Eastern Washington in week one, would blast preseason playoff contender Stanford 42-16.
And yes, Washington figured to be a team on the rise, but search your memory for anyone who would  have agreed that the Huskies would hang 70-plus on the Oregon Ducks.
When someone asks me how Nebraska will do against Indiana this week, I will give my bias opinion, all the while thinking that you really can’t know anything for certain these days.