The deadline for Otoe County incumbent office holders to file for re-election has passed.
Here is the current list of office seekers from the Otoe County Clerk’s Office:
Commissioner, Fourth District: Incumbent James M. Parsons.
Commissioner, Fifth District: No incumbent filing.
Board of Education, School District 111, Nebraska City: Incumbents Lisa Chaney, Jeff Frields, Jim Nemec, and Nick Schmitz.
Board of Education, School District 27, Syracuse: Incumbent Andrew J. Burr.
Syracuse Area Health Board: Incumbents Fred Bredehoeft, Diane Hawkins, and Will Wittler.
Mayor of Syracuse: No incumbent filing.
Syracuse City Council: Incumbent Orval Gigstad.
Nebraska City Mayor: Incumbent Bryan Bequette.
Commissioner, Nebraska City Public Works: Incumbent Paul Davis.
Commissioner, Nebraska City Parks and Recreation: Incumbent Patrick Wehling.
Nebraska City Airport Authority Board: No incumbent filings.
The final filing deadline for new candidates for these offices is 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 2.
The Nebraska primary election will take place Tuesday, May 12, and the general election is set for Tuesday, Nov. 3.