AMES – A total of 10,066 Iowa State University students have been recognized for outstanding academic achievement by being named to the fall semester 2019 Dean’s List. Students named to the Dean’s List must have earned a grade point average of at least 3.50 on a 4.00 scale while carrying a minimum of 12 credit hours of graded course work.

Local students, class year and curriculum are listed below:


Erica Michelle Baier, 4, Agricultural and Life Sciences Education

Bellin Abigail Banwart, 2, Pre-Business

Nicole Rose Bever, 4, Dietetics (H SCI)

Rachael N. Brady, 4, Biology

Kyle Fredric Brownsberger, 4, Liberal Studies

Shaila Claibourn, 4, Anthropology

Katelyn Marie Collins, 4, Agricultural Business

Spencer Robert Collins, 2, Agricultural Studies

Elizabeth Wray Denherder, 4, Elementary Education

Kara Allison Devore, 4, Marketing

Amelia H. Dixon, 3, Music

Matthew James Dobrzynski, 3, Electrical Engineering

Steven Andrew Dobrzynski, 1, Open Option (LAS)

William Michael Dulaney, 3, Electrical Engineering

Sydney Ann Ebeling, 3, Event Management

Jill Margaret Even, 2, Journalism and Mass Communication

William Andrew Geadelmann, 3, Industrial Design

Brianna Heimann, 4, Kinesiology and Health

Cameron R. Johnson, 4, Finance

Bailey Renee Junge, 4, Kinesiology and Health

Hunter Douglas Mandernach, 4, Civil Engineering

Owen Ramsey Meier, 2, Pre-Business

Ethan John Meyer, 2, Pre-Business

Daniel Nicholas Nowysz, 4, Kinesiology and Health

Emily R. O’Brien, 2, Event Management

Rachel Jean Origer, 4, Civil Engineering

Tanner Lee Pingel, 4, Industrial Technology

Emily G. Pottebaum, 3, Physics

Terry Chase Ritchie, 4, Architecture-Professional Degree

Samantha Jayne Schepers, 3, Biology (AGLS)

Cole G. Schippers, 3, Management Information Systems

Jacob Schumacher, 3, Finance

Elijah Craig Schwarzkopf, 2, Architecture-Professional Degree

Ryann Michelle Slycord, 4, Architecture-Professional Degree

Jackson Tyler Smith, 3, Accounting

Joseph John Straub, 4, Industrial Engineering

Regan L. Wahman, 2, Accounting

Monika Annette Wiley, 4, Integrated Studio Arts

Cameron L. Wright, 4, Marketing

Dallas Center

Kayla Renae Crouse, 2, Apparel, Merchandising, and Design

Lauran Hansen, 4, Criminal Justice Studies

William Michael Horak, 3, Environmental Science (AGLS)

Graceann Bethellen Kruse, 3, Accounting

Rachel Elizabeth Overla, 2, History

Claire India Wessels, 3, Apparel, Merchandising, and Design

De Soto

Bradley Weston Clark, 4, Mathematics

Andrea Leigh Tigges, 2, Genetics (LAS)

Madalyn Denise Walker, 4, Music


Joseph Henry Naberhaus, 4, Software Engineering


Dalena Renee Rogers, 4, Global Resource Systems


Alexandra Aguilar, 4, Marketing

Joselyn Tatiana Carrillo, 4, Global Resource Systems

Kimberly Jean Christensen, 4, Political Science

Andrea Ruby Cortes, 4, Graphic Design

Delaney Belle Eiteman, 2, Pre-Dietetics (H SCI)

Derick Ricardo Garcia, 4, Political Science

Abigail Katherine Greiman, 3, Animal Science

Haley Marie Greiman, 4, Chemical Engineering

Haileigh Lauren Kenyon, 4, Elementary Education

Ludvin Aldair Mejia, 4, Biology (AGLS)

Henry Ariel Melendrez, 4, Architecture-Professional Degree

Breanna Cassidy Penenger, 2, Music

Ryan Chaney Rathje, 4, Supply Chain Management

Jonathan E. Reyes Alfaro, 4, Mechanical Engineering

Karen Gisselle Romero, 2, Biochemistry

Isabel Grace Saemisch, 3, Public Relations

Julia Rose Stetzel, 2, Kinesiology and Health

Sarah A. Sweet, 4, History

Holden James Terpstra, 4, Industrial Technology


Christopher M. McColloch, 3, Agricultural Studies

Justin Jay Rolfes, 3, Agricultural Studies

Cassidy Nicole Wagner, 4, Psychology


Ashley Nicole Anderson, 4, Mathematics

Hannah Elise Ashley, 2, Open Option (LAS)

Nawal Azmat Awan, 2, Pre-Architecture

Megan I. Baldwin, 4, Elementary Education

Noah Frederick Berthusen, 4, Software Engineering

Kelsey M. Best, 4, Event Management

Justin Edward Black, 2, Mechanical Engineering

Emma Bolles, 2, Integrated Studio Arts

Sydney Branstetter, 2, Pre-Business

Emily Kathryn Cahill, 3, Elementary Education

Cameron Bryan Carroll, 3, Civil Engineering

Olivia Anne Christensen, 2, Management

Madeline Rose Colosimo, 1, Veterinary Medicine

Robert J. Colosimo, 3, Chemistry

Davis Joseph Dalton, 4, Civil Engineering

Tess Marie Derrick, 2, Public Relations

Jackson Ray Donels, 4, Graphic Design

Payton Alexis Dykstra, 3, Communication Studies

Nicole L. Eckhart, 4, Psychology

Lauren R. Ellerbach, 4, Animal Science

Ryan Spencer Foreman, 4, Music

Dakota Frederick Fouts, 4, Aerospace Engineering

Kaitlyn Anne Galetich, 4, Marketing

Aspen Skye Goad, 2, History

Collin Edward Godwin, 2, Pre-Business

Carter Bryan Goos, 2, Pre-Business

Andrew James Grace, 4, Finance

Malia Faith Griffin, 4, Biology

Megan E. Groathouse, 2, Computer Science

Tyler Benjamin Groathouse, 4, Aerospace Engineering

Mason Hale, 2, Kinesiology and Health

Joshua Sangmin Hanyang, 4, Entrepreneurship

Steele Hyde Harter, 4, Community and Regional Planning

Mark A. Heggen, 4, Agricultural Biochemistry

Lawton Wiley Herbert, 4, Veterinary Medicine

Amber M. Holloway, 4, Elementary Education

Kristin Lynne Hunke, 4, Dietetics (H SCI)

Aaqib Bin Issa, 4, Computer Science

Rick Ito Jensen, 3, Mechanical Engineering

Sarah J. Johnson, 2, Pre-Business

Jacob Glen Keil, 2, Pre-Diet and Exercise (H SCI)

Emma Jane Kern, 2, Interior Design

Ethan T. Kinneer, 1, Pre-Business

Christopher Adam Kovalsky, 4, Finance

Cameron Cotter Lang, 3, Marketing

Taylor Danielle Luther, 4, Elementary Education

Makenna Elizabeth Mason, 2, Pre-Graphic Design

Megan E. McAllister, 4, Finance

Eric Charles McEntee, 4, Marketing

Elizabeth Marie Mesman, 3, History

Emily Marie Mickelson, 4, Child, Adult, and Family Services

Danielle A. Modrell, 4, Accounting

Nathan C. Mortenson, 4, Electrical Engineering

Mackenzie M. Nehls, 4, Accounting

Alexandria M. Nigg, 3, Kinesiology and Health

Alexis Madison Olsen, 4, English

Betina Pajazetovic, 3, Industrial Design

Erin Parcel, 4, Criminal Justice Studies

Inga Elisabeth Peterson, 1, Elementary Education

Danielle M. Pudenz, 2, Event Management

Natalie Ruthann Rasley, 1, Pre-Architecture

Nicholas Allen Roose, 4, Architecture-Professional Degree

Amanda Marie Roush, 3, Biology

Lauren Grace Rush, 2, Pre-Business

Hannah Renee Ryan, 3, English

Madeline Olivia Ryan, 4, Graphic Design

Hannah M. Sand, 2, Pre-Business

John Sand, 3, Graphic Design

Abigail Joan Schlotfeldt, 3, Landscape Architecture

Riley Schrimper, 4, Finance

Katelyn Elizabeth Seese, 4, Marketing

Jenna Kay Sell, 4, Industrial Engineering

Rylie Marie Smith, 3, Open Option (LAS)

Karley Breanne Spahn, 4, Kinesiology and Health

Mckenzie Gayle Stewart, 1, Design Undeclared

Ashley Ann Tibbs, 2, Agriculture and Society

Hailey C. Tiefenthaler, 4, Marketing

Calista Ann Tietz, 4, Elementary Education

Jessica Caroline Toliver, 4, Apparel, Merchandising, and Design

Noah James Tornabane, 4, Architecture-Professional Degree

Talia Lorett Torpy, 4, Graphic Design

Katie Marie Van Sloun, 3, Marketing

Sara R. Wadle, 4, History

Sydney E. Wasteney, 3, Marketing

Samuel P. Wedemeyer, 3, Computer Science

Claire Wolfe, 3, Microbiology

Jillian Marie Wood, 3, Kinesiology and Health

Meredith A. Wood, 2, Event Management

Elijah Berkley Wright, 3, Industrial Technology

Isabela Jade Yamen, 1, Pre-Business

Ziqing Ye, 4, Supply Chain Management