HAPPY BIRTHDAY on  December 26 to Thomas Gray and Mike Ross; on December 27 to Roger Wilson, and Jerry Bond; on December 28 to Dawn Bose, Amy Riley, and Jenna Riley; on December 29 to Phillip Graham, Mary Tyler Moore, Morgan Wilson, Whitmey Wilson, Marlene Sutton, Phillip Goering, Elma Benecke, and Dale Crook; on December 30 to John Hartford, Wesley Ropers, Patti Smith, and Meredith Vieira; on December 31 to Maxine Bond, Jeanette Eilers, and Gene Wessel; and on January 1 to Paul Revere, and Betsy Ross.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY on December 28 to Sherri & Roger Wilson.

BLOODMOBILE NEWS:  The next bloodmobile will be in Avoca on Monday, Feb. 10, from 1 to 7 p.m.