Santa is coming to Comstock - guaranteed. Once again he is moving his Christmas headquarters from the North Pole to Comstock, Nebraska -  population 94.
A gas station built in the 30's will serve as Santa's temporary headquarters. An animated Santa and 100-year-old sleigh are stationed there.  An adjoining garage will serve as Santa’s Workshop. A lot in back will be converted to a pasture for all his reindeer, including Rudolph.

Comstocks' claim to fame is that it was once saluted on national television by Grandpa Jones on Hee Haw, and talk show host Dick Cavett lived in Comstock until he was five years old, when his parents taught school there.

Comstock once had over 500 residents and 40 legitimate businesses. Now, only two retail businesses remain - a pop machine and a Schwan’s delivery guy every two weeks.

For Christmas, every blank spot or old building in town will be converted to holiday scenes, with 100 inflatables and old vehicles, plus: three nativity scenes, Grinchville, Mickey Mouse Club, Enchanted Forest, Dog Pound, Penquin Park, Old West, North Pole Rural Fire Dept, Snowman’s Land, All You Want For Chrismas, Shrek’s House, Charlie Brown’s Christmas, Santa by Land, Sea or Air, and Summer Fun are some but not all of the scenes. In all there will be over a mile of lights and inflatables.
A new addition this year is a 64-foot fence, displaying 94 Christmas stockings – one for every resident in Comstock.

Lights will be lit daily, from dark until midnight, beginning November 29 through January 2. All are welcome when the wind isn't blowing too hard, and the snow isn't too deep.

The tradition of Santa’s Comstock Headquarters started when an anonymous donor left $3,000 of new inflatables and lights in garbage bags in downtown Comstock.