National Fire Prevention Week was Oct. 6-12, and Syracuse Volunteer Firefighters visited Syracuse Elementary on Oct. 9 to educate students in pre-K through 2nd grades. As has been tradition, the third grade students went down to the firehall for a full tour and a chance to ride the firetrucks.
Syracuse Volunteer Firefighters Adam Holz, Darin Lintner, Chief Bruce Neemann, Tim Seelhoff, Keith McWilliams, Brian Walters all participated in educating the students on fire prevention.  The students pre-K through 2nd grades met by grade level in the elementary annex where Brian Walters talked to them about fire safety and showed them what it takes to put on full fire gear.
They talked to the kids about what to do in a fire, how to prevent fires, and that firefighters are there to help.  Even though they sometimes can look scary in all their gear, they told the kids how important it is not to hide in a fire.
Then they went outside for a closeup view of the fire truck and equipment onboard.  Later, students from 3rd grade went down to the station for their special tour and a ride on the trucks.  All students were given fire prevention education coloring books.