Delivering quality ingredients to all of our customers requires the hard work of millions of farmers, ranchers and producers and suppliers in dozens of countries around the world. McDonald’s is proud to work with these vital partners in the agricultural community across the country and in Nebraska to evolve food quality and work toward our sustainability commitments while supporting strong agricultural communities.

Specific to Nebraska, the McDonald’s system is proud to support local farmers, ranchers and growers to source some of its quality ingredients.

In 2018 alone, the McDonald’s system purchased 85 million pounds of beef, 21 million pounds of flour, 23 million pounds of pork, 900,000 pounds of soybean oil and 2 million pounds of sugar in Nebraska.

These purchases represent approximately $180 million by the McDonald’s system to local farmers, ranchers and producers across Nebraska.

In May 2018, McDonald’s USA began serving fresh beef quarter-pound burgers across the US. While our beef patties have always been made with 100% pure beef with no fillers, additives or preservatives, McDonald’s wanted to do more to bring our customers a hotter, juicier quarter-pound burger. The beef purchased from Nebraska farmers helps us continue our food journey in the US.

“The McDonald’s system is an important business partner and commodity purchaser for the agricultural industry in Nebraska,” said Nebraska State Senator, Steve Halloran. “We take great pride in the amount of beef our state provides to McDonald’s, placing our farmers among the estimated 2.5 million farmers who contribute directly and indirectly to the burgers McDonald’s serves globally. This partnership allows our local farmers to thrive while helping to feed millions of people across the country.”

For more than a decade, McDonald’s has been revolutionizing our approach to food in the areas of sourcing, ingredients and preparation. Given McDonald’s scale, every change has a potential large impact on the business and the overall food industry, like our commitment to cage-free eggs and the reduction of antibiotics important to human medicine in our beef supply chain. This progress would not be possible without trusted collaboration throughout the supply chain and important work with the agriculture community.

The McDonald’s system collaboration across the agriculture value chain goes beyond the quality of the food by also prioritizing the health and welfare of the animals in the supply chain and importantly, working with suppliers who engage with farmers, support economically viable farming and develop long-term partnerships that benefit everyone.

“We understand that now more than ever, people care about their food, including where it comes from, what goes into it and how it’s prepared,” said Kristin Dobski, Lincoln McDonald’s Owner/Operator and Vice President of the Great Plains co-op. “As local franchisees, we are proud to be part of the McDonald’s system partnering with farmers, ranchers and producers across the state of Nebraska to help build a better McDonald’s on our food journey. We’re working hard to make the food our customers love even better.”


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