The Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) has announced July 31 that after 9 years of continuous construction, US-34/75 from Plattsmouth to Bellevue freeway is substantially complete.

The construction of this highway segment to create a freeway began in 2011 and was completed in three separate projects with multiple phases. NDOT worked to ensure that traffic was able to be maintained to reduce inconvenience to the traveling public. These three projects’ total cost was approximately $125.9 million, consisting of three new interchanges, new 4-lane pavement, eight new bridges, and numerous county and street realignments. The last project north of the Platte River began in spring of 2016, with an approximate cost of $41.3 million.

“Although this project has been years in the making, we are pleased we are almost complete with this year’s long project. This project addresses vehicle mobility in a fast growing region as well as recognizes the needs of our agricultural community and provided them with a permit process that will allow for successful farming. A huge thanks to NDOT and our various contractors who worked so hard on these projects,” said Tim Weander, NDOT District 2 Engineer.

This freeway designation now continues from Omaha thru Bellevue to the Club View Drive intersection, approximately one mile north of Ave B in Plattsmouth. As a result of the conversion to the freeway designation, the speed limit is being changed from Bellevue to Club View Drive to 70 mph with a minimum speed of 40 mph starting Wednesday, July 31.

With the change in designation to a freeway, this segment of roadway will have new traffic and speed restrictions such as minimum speeds. Therefore, an “Implements of Husbandry” permit will now be required for farming to utilize the freeway over Platte River from Bay Road to US-34/Plattview Road.

The guidelines for this permit can be found at

permit.pdf. For more information, please call the Permit Office at (402) 471-0034.