Saturday's annual Lemon Days event in downtown Nebraska City saw the announcement of two sets of winners: The Cutest Doggie and the Lemon Days Lemonade Stand contests.

Twelve dogs were in the running for 2019 Cutest Doggie, and in the end, Sophie came out at the head of the pack.
Sophie, owned by Dylan Lazure, was the top fundraiser in the contest, which ran from June 10 to July 24 at Nebraska City banks.
Second place went to  Goddess, owned by Jan James.
Third place went to Layla, owned by Peggy and Brittany Leu.
Also competing were
Edie, owned by Jonathan Gardner;
Sawyer, owned by Randy and Gail Walford;
Jax and Harper, owned by Donette Hoyle;
Wrigley, owned by Katie Radke;
Lady, owned by Angelica Stiles;
Finnegan, owned by Alexa Turner;
Scout, owned by Janelle Lacy;
Beau Duke, owned by Liz Anderson; and
Violet, owned by Ken Kraenow.
The contest raised $429.43 for the 2020 NCTC scholarship fund.

A group of cousins came out double winners in the 2019 Lemon Days Lemonade Stand.
Stand 2, operated by Levi, Dylan, Kyson, Keylan, and Kazyn won Most Creative Stand and the People’s Choice Awards in this year’s contest.
The boys selected their theme because two of the cousins have had to have heart surgery and their hearts are under construction.
Stand 2 was set up in front of Curl Up and Dye Salon.
Stand 4, operated by Nina Fulton, received the Best Treat Award for Nina’s rich and buttery lemon truffles.
Stand 4 was in front of Spiral Communications.
 Stand 3, operated by Emersyn Osborn and Aanisten Neumeister, received the Best Lemonade award.
Stand 3 was in front of The Wheel.
The girls offered a frozen lemonade option and two flavors of lemonade on their drinks menu.
Also participating in this year’s contest were
Andey Allgood, Stand 6, in front of Bernard Real Estate;
Kayla and Jacob Griepenstroh, Stand 1, in front of First Class Flowers; and
Tiger Weaver and Mylie Lane, Stand 5, in front of Appearances.