A Progressive Agriculture Farm Safety Day Camp was held May 31 at Kimmel Orchard in Nebraska City.
Participants from the surrounding area attended sessions including wildlife safety, the dangers and differences of gas and diesel, gun safety and awareness, first aid and tourniquet demonstrations, grain bin extraction, ATV safety, electrical precautions and chemical reaction education.
According to UNL Extension Educator Erin Steinhoff, over the past 50 years, more than 900 cases of grain engulfment have been reported, 62 percent (558) of which resulted in death.
Children and youth under the age of 20 account for approximately 20 percent of all documented cases, most resulting in fatalities.
Steinhoff said suffocation can happen if a person is pulled under the grain. The grain kernels do not allow enough oxygen to get to a person submerged under grain.
Along with the depletion of oxygen, the heavy grain also puts pressure on the lungs so they have trouble expanding, said Steinhoff.
Every time the victim exhales, the grain settles reducing their lung capacity.
 Youth participated in an activity with balloons showing how human lungs are impacted by the pressure of grain.
Steinhoff said an entrapment can become even more deadly when another person attempts to rescue the victim, there’s a good chance they become a second victim.
The first step is to turn off  the power if it was not done before entering the bin, said Steinhoff.
She added that the next step is to call 911 and let trained emergency responders aid the victim(s).
The Nebraska State Patrol provided the roll-over unit to enhance seat belt education.
The day ended with the Nebraska City Fire and Rescue departments providing a live demonstration of a grain bin extraction procedure.
The Progressive Agriculture mission is to provide education, training and resources to make farm, ranch and rural life safer and healthier for children and their communities.