Karlee Haecker will be teaching second grade at Syracuse Elementary in the fall. She is currently the school counselor at Boone Central in Albion. From a young age, she played school with her sisters and always wound up being the teacher.  Though both parents are in education and for a time she thought she wanted to do something different, it was just something Haecker has always felt she was meant to do.  She said she loves it!
After graduating from Raymond Central High School, she attended University of Nebraska Lincoln where she received a dual degree in Elementary Education and Special Education.   
Haecker is excited about the move to Syracuse that will bring her closer to family, and the opportunity to have her own classroom was also appealing.
Currently, Haecker works with over 200 pre-k through 5th grade students; she is really looking forward to having the time for developing relationships and working with a smaller number of children as a second grade teacher.  “I’m excited to be invested in them and connected with them, so they’ll be ‘my’ kids.”