Since 2003, the Syracuse Chapter of Dollars for Scholars has awarded over $100,000 in scholarships for over 100 students who have graduated from S-D-A High School.  The annual meeting was held May 20 where they introduced the 2019 scholarship recipients.
Dollars for Scholars (DFS) awards scholarships for many different organizations.  Named scholarships are those where the money is given to DFS and the selection committee determines the recipients based upon the wishes of the family or organization who donated the funds.
Pass through scholarships are those where the donor picks the recipient, but the funds are passed through the Syracuse Dollars for Scholars.  This helps the DFS chapter in applying for matching funds with the Kinman-Oldfield Family Foundation.  The chapter receives roughly 25 percent in matching funds for every dollar through the account.
At the annual meeting, 11 scholarship recipients were present. They introduced themselves and shared where they will be attending college and what major they will be pursuing.
Dollars for Scholars is a valuable resource for S-D-A students when obtaining money for attending college, and each year they are able to give away more to local students.