Nearly 350 high school juniors from across Nebraska will be participating in American Legion Cornhusker Boys' State, June 2-8 at the University of Nebraska Lincoln downtown campus. The annual citizenship program, sponsored by the Nebraska American Legion, is designed to provide youths with a better understanding of how city, county and state governments operate. Each boy is sponsored locally by an organization such as an American Legion Post, or by some other patriotic, civic, fraternal or religious group in cooperation with the local American Legion Post.
Cornhusker Boys' State is set up as a functional "51st state" and each boy learns how government subdivisions operate by actually doing the job. Participants will campaign for offices, hold elections, take part in band and chorus, compete in athletics, and be involved in other varied activities as part of the citizenship training program.
Citizens of American Legion Cornhusker Boys ' State are instructed in the duties of various public offices - they learn the functioning of each office and its powers and limitations. They set up their own state government. They draft bills and are taught the proper method of law enforcement.
Textbooks are provided explaining the practical operation and function of government agencies. Special lectures and addresses are delivered by experienced public officials and professional leaders including Governor Pete Ricketts, Supreme Court Chief Justice Michael Heavican, and Nationally acclaimed motivational speaker JoAnne Owens-Nauslar.
Graduation will be held on Saturday June 8 at 10:00 a.m. at Kimball Hall at the University of Nebraska.
Since its inception in 1919, The American Legion has been a key advocate for veterans’ benefits, patriotic American values, instilling values in young people through numerous programs, and a strong nation defense with focus on quality-of-life issues for those serving in today’s armed forces.