Otoe County Sheriff-elect Colin Caudill was the guest speaker at Wednesday’s Nebraska City Rotary Club meeting.
Caudill discussed his recent campaign for sheriff and his plans for the department going forward.
Caudill said he did not undertake his campaign lightly, and he began by asking his past and present supervisors if he was ready for the job.
Caudill said he has worked with three great sheriffs and that he kept his mouth shut and his ears open to learn as much as he could from them.
He said he has an obligation to protect the staff, the agency and the county, and he sees his role as sheriff as an opportunity to make the peopl around him better, which will benefit the citizens and communities of Otoe County.
Caudill said he and Chief Deputy Mike Holland have been working on an records management system that the sheriff’s department and the Nebraska City Police Department now use. He added that Nebraska City Fire and Rescue will soon be integrated into this system, which allows information to be shared wirelessly between computers onboard public safety vehicles and servers at the sheriff’s, police and fire stations.
Caudill said deputies can write their reports on the road, which makes them more visible in the communities of the county.
Caudill said he is working to increase the presence of the sheriff’s office in the county’s schools because he believes deputies in the schools will help build rapport with youth as well as increasing school safety.
Caudill has worked with school officials in the Syracuse-Dunbar-Avocia district to link the school’s security cameras with the sheriff’s department, and he is working on a similar arrangement with the new Syracuse Area Health facility.
“I am excited for the future and for the future of the county,” said Caudill at the end of his presentation.
The Nebraska City Rotary Club will not meet Wednesday, Nov. 21, because of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.
Regular meetings resume at noon Wednesday, Nov. 28, at the Eagles Club, 600 1st Corso. Guests pay $9 for lunch.