See photos of all three groups of cheerleaders in the Friday Syracuse Journal-Democrat.

Hip, Hip Hooray

Giggles, loud cheers, and stomping feet filled Syracuse Middle School September 20 when the S-D-A High School Cheerleaders hosted 67 junior cheerleaders for their annual cheer camp.  The children ages preschool through 5th grade enjoyed an afternoon of snacks, cheers, and lots of fun getting ready for their cheer night. The funds raised through the camp will be used for state fees and licensing of music. (Due to copyright, they have to pay fees from $200-$500 anytime they do a performance with music.)  During the camp, the girls were split by age group and spent their whole afternoon with the same cheerleader which helped them bond with the group and get to know each other better. Cheer coach Kelly Gobber said, “The girls love seeing the excitement on the mini-cheerleaders’ faces as they come in.  One mentioned how that was their favorite part - how just saying hi to them makes them light up.  It’s always a whirlwind of fun!” On Sept. 21, the campers were split into three different groups by age and got to be on the track with the cheerleaders for a quarter of the football game.  It was a great time for the kids and for the high school cheerleaders who, though worn out from hosting the fun camp, enjoy the chance to pass on their cheers to the younger students. Pictured above are Pre-K and Kindergarten Junior Cheerleaders.