Arbor Day Farm will demonstrate its new OESCO cider press beginning at 9 a.m. Saturday during the 50th AppleJack Festival.
The press replaces an OESCO press from the 1960s, said Adam Howard, Arbor Day Farm director of operations.  
Howard said recent changes in federal food safety laws prompted the equipment update.
“We were struggling with an heirloom press with a wooden frame,” which is no longer allowed under the new food safety laws.
The 2018 press works essentially the same way as its predecessor, said Howard, which means employees had no learning curve in working with the new machine.
One change in machinery is a larger press plate. The old press had a 32-inch-square stainless steel plate, while the new machine has a 36-inch-square plate.
The new plate weighs about 900 pounds, said Howard, and exerts 2,800 pounds of pressure  to make cider.
The old press could produce about 600 gallons of cider daily, said Howard, while the new one can produce 1,500 gallons in a day.
The new press is located in the cider room behind the Apple House Market. Howard said plans call for the press to run all day in honor of the festival.