The house on the northeast corner of 6th and Midland will be demolished in a controlled burn by the Syracuse Volunteer Fire Department Aug. 26.  The building has served over the years as a beauty shop, doctor’s office, and a private residence.
Originally a private residence, in the 1940’s the owner had a beauty shop there.  Ladies came to Nel Wolf to get their hair permed in the kinky curl style that was popular at the time.  After rolling their hair tight on rollers, Nel attached clamps to the “permanent wave” machine with thick cords on each roller.  Ladies had to sit there quite a while looking like they may blast off into outer space!  The machine would get very hot and sometimes burn the tips of their ears, but in the end the ladies liked the perm that lasted many months.
In December of 1946, Doctors Leonard Dieter and Carl Formanack purchased the house and moved their medical clinic from Otoe to Syracuse.  After a major renovation project, they opened the clinic for business.  
The Medical Center staff included the two doctors and three office girls who had an apartment on the second floor. The office girls (Elaine Zahn, Phyllis Witte, and Rosemary Braun) would be available if there were after hours emergencies, and they could call in the doctors for care. They did not take appointments, so patients often waited long periods of time to be seen during business hours 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 7-9 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.
There was not a hospital at the time, and patients went to Lincoln or Nebraska City for hospital care until Community Memorial Hospital was completed in 1951.
Tragically, in December of 1949, Doctor Dieter was making a house call to a residence near Otoe when he collided with another vehicle at an intersection and died at the scene.  The community was in shock at the loss.  
Doctor Formanack continued his practice at the Medical Center until 1962 when he joined with Doctor Williams and Doctor Gately to open the clinic that is now the Community Memorial Hospital Thrift Store.
At that time, the house at 6th and Midland was vacant for a time and then again became a private residence.  It has been vacant for many years now, and is no longer in a liveable state.  The City of Syracuse obtained ownership of the house and has arranged for the controlled burn to take place for demolition of the home and training for the fire department.