The 2018 Otoe County Farmer Olympics drew a huge crowd to the Outdoor Arena July 27 for a hilarious competition between 20 kid teams and 7 adult teams.  With 135 participants in the events, there were hundreds of spectators to cheer them on in the relay style competition.

For the teams age 8-15, they did a pedal tractor, salt block lick, milked a cow, carried water buckets, and climbed a fence.  Adult teams had a variation on the first event. Instead of the pedal tractor, a team member had to push the salt block licker in the wheelbarrow first.

Most of the kid teams wore costumes ranging from rodeo clowns to shirtless farmers, candy bars, farmers daughters, and the winning team dressed as the “Donut Squad.”  Donut Squad members were Chessa Tompkins, Aselen Farley, Brenna Sayer, Maddy Nannen, Jayden Meyer. The fastest time was snatched by the “Flaming Famers:” Tieran Cox, Nate Wemhoff, Brogan LaFollette, Mason Linz, and Tristan Sisco.

For adult teams, there was some stiff competition between the husband farmers team versus their wives’ team (and possibly a little cheating).  The fastest time went to the Dunbar Fire Department with Jared Neumeister, Jordan Neumeister, Ben Boehm, Mandi Boehm, and Dale Francis. The “Super Farmers” won the costume contest dressed as Wonder Woman, Mr. Incredible, The Flash, Batgirl, and Supergirl.  Team Members were Laura Caudill, Laramie Werner, Carrie Cropp, Marc McGowan, Amanda Codr; they went for style, not speed.

Overall it was another great turnout for the Wyoming Feeders 4-H Club that has put on the event for the last four years.  They will use the funds to make improvements at the fairgrounds.