After eight years of cooking to win the RibFest Competition, Blake Voorhees and Tony Starzec of “Big n Trim BBQ” came away victorious as the RibFest 2018 Winners.  Though they’ve placed several times in the past, this was their first win.
Twenty teams of two set up their tents and spent the day preparing ribs to perfection in the hopes of winning the highly competitive event.  All day, GermanFest had an incredible aroma as the ribs were prepared, and the winners were announced at the RibFest Meal where approximately 350 people came to enjoy a rib dinner Saturday evening before the concert.
“South of the Mason Dixon Line” Steve Cooper and Russ Cooper took second in the RibFest competition, and “Just a Smokin’” Dominic Martacho and Justin Kastanek placed third.
In addition to the typical RibFest Competition, a “Spamfest” was held for the first time, and that was great fun for the competitors.  Public judges chose Justin Stark and Adam Holz of “Lightning Fire BBQ” as the spam champions.  “Big n Trim” Tony Starzec and Blake Voorhees placed second, and “Fatty Shack BBQ” Melissa and Gary Schwartmann were third.