It wasn't the April weather that Unadilla Bill had promised, so Groundhog Queen Rachel Zahn had some fun with expressing frustration at the famous groundhog. With snow possible this weekend, most of us can relate!

In a fit of exasperation over the never ending winter weather, Groundhog Queen Rachel Zahn declared that she was sending Unadilla Bill to the guillotine.

The stuffed groundhog resides in the Unadilla Bar and makes a weather prediction every year on February 2 (just like Puxatawnie Phil). This year, Bill predicted spring, but the recent weather is far from springlike!

Though it seemed to be warming up the first week of March, the majority of highs in the month were below 50 degrees.  According to Weather Underground, the local weather has only been above 43 degrees for one day in the month of April.

Unadilla Bill pleaded for a chance at another year, and Queen Zahn relented only based on Bill’s promise of warmer temperatures by Tuesday.  The groundhog “lives” to see another year.