Twenty-nine S-D-A High School Students have qualified for the State History Day Competition.  They competed at Peru State College February 23, and they advance to State Competition at Nebraska Wesleyan April 7.  The winners are listed below:
Individual Exhibit: Gracie Lintz 1st, Victoria Reed 2nd, Jeremy Burr 3rd.
Group Exhibit: Hannah Hiller, Brooke Hiller 4th, Dannielle Schutz, Natalie Thies 3rd, Max Brammier, Tommi Gobber, Grace Damme 2nd, Camryn Tompkins, Jennifer Daharsh, Kaela McMullen 1st.
Group Website: Lauren Meyer, Megan Wallman 2nd.
Individual Performance: Seth Dey 2nd, Sophie Sayer 1st.
Group Performance: John Hidalgo, Noudia Flores, Abigail Vodicka 3rd, Taylor Mead, Grant Orchard, Nicole Stubbendick 2nd, Brendon Lyon, Jacob Kruse, Riley Teten, Trevor Brinkman, Grant Hallstrom 1st.
Individual Paper: Sharnae Kellum 2nd.