One and Six Year Street Plans were approved at the January City Council Meeting.  No changes were made to the projects that had been recently discussed. One year plans include Shirley Street (the road across from Love’s to the new CMH building), the Old Highway from Highway 50 west 360 feet, and the alley between 4th Street and 5th street from Thorne to Plum.
The Six Year Plan includes those projects, more of Old Highway 2, and several other blocks in town.
A four inch water-main break was reported and repaired at 9th and Park Streets on Jan. 9.  Water and Sewer Mapping Agreements were made to do mapping of half the town which will make it easier for Utility workers to locate and repair water and sewer problems in the future.
Previously, the City’s Yard Waste Removal and Disposal contractor stated that he would not be interested in continuing the contract through 2018.  The city’s leaf pile has been full of trash in addition to the yard waste.  In order to spread that over a field, the contractor, Kent Backer, had to sort through and pick out the trash which was very time consuming.
No other contractors bid for the project. Through discussions with the city on ways to reduce trash at the site (possibly including cameras and frequent checks by city employees), they reached an agreement to continue the contract in 2018 for a higher rate of $12,060 for one year.