The Syracuse City Council discussed several topics at their Dec. 20 meeting including new computers, department reports, claims, online billing, zoning, and the farm lease agreement.
They also made some changes to the pay practices for employees after they complete continuing education certification. Currently, when employees received another level of certification, they received a 25 cent per hour increase.

That has been the practice for over 20 years.  The Syracuse City Council voted to change that to  50 cents per hour for a certification.  
In addition, due to the pay of comparable employees in nearby communities and the job duties required, they voted for a 5.5 percent increase in pay for utilities workers.
Syracuse Fire Chief Bruce Neemann requested funds to purchase a new washing machine to be used on the firefighters’ gear.  
The current washer is a residential machine that cannot adequately clean their gear or meet the standards to protect it during washing.  
Syracuse City Council agreed to pay half of the projected $3500 cost of the machine and it is anticipated that the Rural Fire Board will approve the other half.
City Council approved the name “Shirley Street” for the street to be used as the hospital entrance across from Love’s Travel Stop.  
Shirley was the lady who owned the land, and her family wished for the street to bear her name.  Two of her family members were present at the city council meeting to express their thanks in carrying on her name.
The current agreement with Papillion Sanitation has been extended until bids are reviewed and a new agreement is reached.
The next regularly scheduled City Council meeting will be Jan. 10.