Syracuse Rescue Service volunteers had the opportunity to participate in some unique training Dec. 9 when the SIM (Simulation in Motion) truck came to Syracuse. Twelve of the squad’s 20 members were able to attend.

The SIM Truck has two fully equipped rooms with mannequins that are so detailed their eyes dilate and they have pulses; they respond to treatment just as a real patient would.  Syracuse Rescue volunteers split into two groups in order to run different scenarios in each room while “caring” for the mannequins.
This type of educational experience would be very expensive without the Helmsley Foundation Grant that funds SIM Nebraska.
Syracuse Rescue Chief  Tim Wilson said, “The SIM Truck training provides hands on training with high fidelity life-like mannequins…  In a controlled group setting, it reinforces teamwork and communication.”  
Wilson added, “I think one of the reassurances that I got was the fact that the people who came down liked that we encourage EMTs to have all of their add on skills and utilize EMAs to their full capacity.”
Syracuse Rescue Squad volunteers spent an estimated 2,605 hours in 2016 just on calls alone. That doesn’t even take into account the time spent filling out reports, meeting continuing education requirements, or attending monthly meetings.  
The service operates solely on their EMS billing without any taxpayer assistance through the City of Syracuse.  
New volunteers are needed, and an EMT class is starting soon. Anyone interested in becoming an EMT or assisting as a driver/EMA should contact Chief Tim Wilson at 308-440-5573.