Since 2016, Nebraska City and area residents have been watching the work at the intersections of Highway 2 and 75 with great interest, wondering when it might be completed.
Time left on the project might be better expressed in weeks or maybe even in days as the Nebraska Department of Transportation works toward opening Highway 2 traffic east and west on the overpass.
Recent major accomplishments at the site included the completion of both bridge structures over Highway 75 and the completion of the bulk of the paving work for Highway 2.
Mike Habegger, the director of the project, said there is hope to have east and west traffic on the overpass by sometime in December.
That date is fluid and defends on Mother Nature.
“The weather is going to dictate how it happens,” said Habegger.
Great weather over the fall has allowed the workers on the site to complete a lot of jobs and push the project ever closer to completion.
“We’ve had a nice fall. It’s been dry,” said Habegger. “The end is in sight from where we are at here.”
Habegger said there is work to do beyond the opening of Highway 2 but said the major portion of the project would be in the rear view mirror.
The idea of having the overpass project completed by December of 2017 might have met with skepticism when work began in March of 2016. And it hasn’t been all smooth sailing.
Construction issues included a lot of rain fall in the first year of the project and complications related to the soil at the site.
The work has continued as those involved with the project engineered their way around difficulty and pushed the job foward with sweat and determination.
Habegger said hard work has definitely been the driving force behind the progress that has been made lately at the site.
“We’ve had a lot of crews out there and they’ve been going really hard,” he said.