Donald Sweat of Syracuse was presented a 25-year service certificate to commemorate the time he has spent providing important information to the National Weather Service and numerous other state and local agencies. The award was presented by Joni Brand from the National Weather Service office in Valley.
Sweat uses a solar-powered weighting precipitation gauge to document daily precipitation amounts. The guage measures the amount of precipitation that has fallen and, at the end of each month, Don downloads the date onto a flash drive and sends the information to the NWS office in Valley.
He also measures precipitation nd takes temperatures readings every morning and sends the information, by phone, to the National Weather Service.
The date is quality controlled and then forwarded to the National Centers for Environmental Information, headquartered in Asheville, N.C. to be achieved with weather observations from across the country.
The date provided by cooperative observers is used extensively by the National Weather Service, Corps of Engineers, State Climatologist and numerous others in public and private sectors. It eventually becomes part of the climatic record for the local area. Cooperative weather observers recorded a variety of weather elements, such as precipitation, temperature, river water level, soil temperatures, evaporation and severe weather.
There are about 200 volunteer cooperative weather observers in the state and nearly 10,000 nationwide. Observers are located at private residences, ranches, farms, municipal facilities, utilities, dams, parks, game refuges, radio stations, and many other locations.
The National Weather Service extended great appreciation for Sweat for his service and commended for a job well done. Sweat received a framed certificate and a lapel pin.