“The Crazy Mixed-Up Island of Dr. Moreau” was performed at Syracuse Elementary School Nov. 19 by the Syracuse-Dunbar-Avoca Drama Team. The students had a great show which was then performed at the One Act Play Competition on Nov. 20.
A good part of the funds for purchasing scripts, props, and technical needs comes from the ticket sales to their twice-yearly shows.  Parents and friends greatly enjoyed the chance to see their play.
After the show, Drama Club President Erica McMullen thanked their parent drama coach, Jim Frerichs, for all the time he has put into the program.
The full cast included: Emma Porter, Zach Cordonier, Taylor Mead, Logan Jording, Emmilea Lopez, Erin Haag, Noudia Flores, Abby Vodicka, Matteo Antunez, Erica McMullen, Nicole Stubbendeck, Cassel Frerichs.  
The technical team included: Shaun Thompson, Tessa Varney, Benna Martin, Bailey Larson, Kirsten Schutz, Natalie Thies, Nick Royal, Lexi Baehr, Nicole Kimpel, Sophie Sayer.
The set crew consisted of several previously mentioned team members, along with Joseph Frerichs, Caitlyn Carlson, Madison Marrs, Shelby Ryan, Jalyn Bryan, Samantha Pester, and Erin Sayer.