Every organization goes through changes, sometimes it is about changing directions other times it is about changing the way the organization thinks.  
After 16 years as Director of the Nebraska City Museum Association I have concluded that the Organization is ready for a change of leadership and for myself a much needed break.
When I arrived in 2001, the community only had six museums; the Wildwood was owned by the City, Arbor Lodge by the State and both had regular summer hours.  
Of the other four museums, the River Country Nature Center was about to close down and the Civil War Veterans Museum, Old Freighters Museum and Nelson House were only open Arbor Day and AppleJack weekends.  
Now in 2017, the community boasts ten museums, all with summer hours, updated infrastructure and exhibits, annual events and programming.
Having led the Museum Association’s Board of Directors through its long range plan two years ago; one of the targeted areas was creating a greater visibility of the community’s museums through social media and improving all of the organizations’ technology.  
This demonstrates a shift in the museums’ needs and priorities.
However, while my specialty is museum creation and development, it is not in the ever changing world of technology.  Also worn down by the demands of so many museums I decided in April that it was time for a change for myself and the museums.  
In that time, the Museum Association’s Board worked diligently to re-write the job description of the NCMA’s only staff member and complete a region wide search for qualified candidates.  
Not surprising, Dean Shissler, the newly hired Museum Coordinator, is a Southeast Nebraska native.  
Having worked for the past three years for the Kregel Windmill Factory Museum, he possesses a solid understanding of the social media and technologies allowing the museums to progress into the 21st Century. So while many see this as a sad thing, I encourage all to look at this change from a different perspective.  
Through my efforts the community has museums that they can be proud of.  
In the future through Dean’s efforts a greater awareness of Nebraska City’s museums by the greater world around us will be common place.  
Thank you to those who supported the museums during my tenure, I will hope that you will lend the same support to Dean and the Nebraska City Museum Association in the future.