The emergency ambulance entrance at the new Community Memorial Hospital will be an enclosed, pull-through garage.  
The hospital board has approved the final bid for construction, and it included the completed pull-through garage rather than the last proposal of a pull through canopy.
Over half of the additional cost was supplied by generous donors who wanted to see the project completed, and the board agreed that the project was important enough to pay the additional amount needed to enclose the garage.
Because the hospital walls will be pre-cast concrete, the cheapest time to enclose the garage is now, during construction, so that those walls will be made with all the others rather than at a time in the future.
According to CMH CEO Michael Harvey, the final project bids came in June 20 with a guaranteed maximum final price.  
The final project will be $1.5 million over the original budget, and that will be covered through debt financing with an additional USDA loan or capital campaign fundraising.
A crane is in place, and steel is going up at the construction site of the new building. Harvey said the project is moving just as expected on the timeline, and they are scheduled to open at the end of 2018.