The Syracuse City Council reviewed and discussed a 2013 report about the Syracuse Aquacenter pool-house that was compiled by city engineering group JEO.  
The city has been discussing a new bathhouse for some time, but no progress has been made on making a decision or putting it into the city’s budget.
Recently, council members asked for an evaluation on whether or not the bathhouse could be feasibly remodeled or if it made more sense to build a new one.  
Rather than do another survey, JEO presented this report at the June 28 City Council meeting since it contained the information requested.
The report stated that further “destructive” testing would be needed in order to provide even more data, but based on their observations there were several issues noted.  
“There were some locations where cracking in the walls was evident and these areas should be further evaluated if long term use of this existing bathhouse is to be considered.”
They noted that the building is not ADA compliant, and remodeling the facility would possibly require moving some load bearing walls.  
“It will be difficult to salvage much of the existing facility,” JEO explained.
The 2013 report stated, “Our recommendation based on this initial site visit is that you take a serious look at replacing the existing bathhouse facility with a new one that meets current code and accessibility requirements… we don’t believe much can be saved by considering a renovation option.”
No decisions were made following the discussion.  Council member Alan Britton noted that the bond payments for street upgrades and original aquacenter purchase would be completed in 2023; so he felt the new bathhouse would have to wait until those were repaid.