Love’s Truck Stop is projected to open in Syracuse Jan. 5, 2017,  at 7 a.m.  The store will be the 413th Love’s in the United States and the fourth in Nebraska.
According to Project Manager Alex Dzier-ewienko, the store was originally set to open in December, but it was delayed due to some weather.
The travel stop and Hardee’s Restaurant will be open 24/7, and in the future they may consider adding a tire shop to the business, depending on the traffic.
Though the nationwide company is large, Dzierewienko said, “We are family owned and operated.  We’re not public, and the family runs it.  I work closely with them.  On the Forbes list, we’re number 14.”
They are still taking applications through the website, and if everything continues to progress as expected, the grand opening will be held Jan. 5.