The SOS Club (Students of Service) at S-D-A High School attended TED Talks in Lincoln Oct. 1, and it had a very big impact on the 29 students who attended.
TED Talks is a nonprofit organization that seeks to promote ideas through short, powerful talks on all topics-from science to business to global issues. The event in Lincoln offered 13 speakers from different backgrounds on a variety of topics. There were approximately 600 people in attendance, but it was broadcast all over the world.
The speakers covered topics like drones, choosing happiness, life-changing book suggestions by a Lincoln librarian, positive uses of social media, and understanding other people.
SOS Sponsor Allison Beers said, “The speakers talk about things that are important to them or that they’re passionate about...From what I could tell, (the students) enjoyed it and thought it was interesting and informative.”
The most impressive speakers for many were professors who spoke about the physiology of happiness. SOS Secretary Sydney Paden said, “There were two people who talked about the importance of just being happy...We have the choice to be happy.”
Overall, the event was not what she expected. Paden added, “I thought it would just be people our age...(The best part was) probably seeing all the age groups come together. It’s all about bringing ideas to make it a better world.”
In the past, the group has always done a “Service Day” to serve the community through various projects. However, SOS Club President Alex Johnson attended TED Talks last year, and he was really impressed by it. He asked SOS Sponsor Beers if they could attend, and they moved forward with taking the group.
In addition to attending the TED Talks, club members collected hygiene items for the People’s City Mission, and those will be delivered to the mission to serve those in need. SOS also has a trip coming up that will include various service projects in other cities.
Paden has been in the club since it officially formed her sophomore year. She said, “(It’s a) great group bringing together the student body... Students here actually want to sign up and help the community out and do good at the same time.”