Two new commissioners were sworn in and two city officials were removed from office at the Dec. 1 Nebraska City City Council meeting.
City Administrator Joe Johnson and City Clerk Arnold Ehlers were not reappointed to their positions.
New Finance Commissioner Mindy Briley and new Street Commissioner Vic Johns went into executive session with the two other commissioners and Mayor Jack Hobbie.
Hobbie said that whenever "there's a change in the city council" all city officials are reappointed to their positions.
As to why Johnson and Ehlers were not reappointed, commissioners are mum.
"I really have no comment to what occurred last night," Hobbie said Dec. 2.
Hobbie said it was a 2-2 vote for Johnson's reappointment with Hobbie and Briley voting yes, Public Works Commissioner Jim Stark and Nebraska City Parks Commissioner Jeff Crunk voting no and Johns voting "abstained."
Hobbie said Johns' abstained vote is the same as voting not to reappoint Johnson.
The vote to reappoint Ehlers was a 3-2 decision. Hobbie and Briley voted yes, and Stark, Crunk and Johns voted no.
Former Street Commissioner Dean Handy, who finished his final council meeting before new business was introduced, was appalled by the decision.
"I feel this is one of the worst things that has happened to Nebraska City. It has tremendous repercussions that will affect everybody in town. I'm just saddened by it," Handy said.
"Joe Johnson and Arnold Ehlers are two of the finest employees that Nebraska City has ever had, and how our new city council can be justified in letting them go is beyond me," he added.
Ehlers didn't care to comment about the motion to deny his reappointment.
Johnson couldn't be reached at press time. Emails and phone calls to commissioners hadn't been returned by press time.