SYRACUSE – An influx of rain is to blame for rendering some area businesses incommunicado on Wednesday.  
B&B Pump & Go, Napa Auto Parts, the Syracuse Post Office and Professional Property Valuations lost telephone communication, and some were without internet.  The outage also affected residents in that area.
According to Windstream representative Scott Morris, water made its way into the lines underground behind the library.  The problems began about 7 p.m. Tuesday, and service was restored to all those affected by 2 p.m. on Wednesday.  A maximum of 100 customers were impacted.
Windstream workers dug down to the wires in order to let them dry out.  Morris said, “As they dry out, (the lines) come back in service.  It comes back in phases.  Some may hear a hum on the line.  That will go away as it’s totally dried out.
“They have air on the line now and are assessing whether or not to put new cable in or cover the hole.  Local ops is working with our outside plant engineers to dry that out.  They will do whatever is best for the customer.”
As of Thursday morning, everything appeared to be working at the affected businesses.