An unidentified roofing company has been cold calling Nebraska City residents to solicit their roof-repair business after hail pounced on the town during a severe storm Tuesday.
A fierce storm ripped through the area Tuesday afternoon causing pea-sized hail, high winds, thunderstorms and a tornado.
Following the storm, the Nebraska City Police Department has received calls from residents saying representatives from an unidentified roofing company have called them to offer their roofing services.
NCPD Chief David Lacy warns residents receiving a call or getting an unscheduled visit from a roofing company to use caution before accepting their services.
"People should exercise some caution," Lacy said. "We don't want people swindled out of their hard-earned money for something that they didn't need."
Lacy said Thursday morning that the department doesn't know whether or not the roofing company is legit or a scam, but stresses that precaution is the best move.
He said if homeowners do have roof damage from the hail then they should contact their insurance company, who will then assist with finding a company to repair the roof.
Lacy said primarily elderly homeowners have been called by a roofing company. He's not aware of tenants or businesses receiving phone calls.
Lacy said some residents have called the department to report a roofing company making house calls to examine roofs for hail damage. He said if a roofing service shows up at a resident's home unexpectedly to call the police department.
"We've only had a couple of calls where a person actually showed up," he said. "Give us a call if someone is coming over."
Lacy said the company's vehicle hasn't been identified yet, and he doesn't know where the company is based.
"We haven't got a report as far as what kind of vehicle they're driving," he said.
Lacy said Thursday morning that the police department has been watching for suspicious activity at those residences that have had a home visit from a roofing company.
On Thursday afternoon, an officer identified four individuals from HCS Restoring & Roofing LLC, headquartered in Denver, who were "addressing possible hail damaged roof concerns with homeowners" following the storm.
"As a response to several citizen calls regarding door-to-door and over-the-phone contacts with people soliciting roof repair, a Nebraska City police officer has identified four subjects in Nebraska City addressing possible hail-damaged roof concerns with homeowners following Tuesday's storm. These individuals have obtained a solicitor's permit through the city," Lacy said. "It is unknown if there are others in the community soliciting the same work to be performed."   
According to the Better, Business Bureau's web site, HSC Restoration & Roofing has an overall score of A-, and a representative of the company confirmed that the company did get a permit from City Hall Thursday morning.
The chief says that if a suspicious roofing company calls or shows up to get its phone number, verify who is performing the work and check out any contracting licenses, references, BBB credentials or insurance companies for the business' reputation.
Residents should call the police department for suspicious activity.
With the latest scams going on in the area, Lacy encourages the public to use caution when getting a soliciting phone call or a visit "out of the blue."
"Most legitimate contractors only bill after the work is performed," he said. "Be very careful when dealing with any person or company who demands any form of payment 'up front' before the work is performed."