Here comes another season of speculating about the end game for a LeBron James led NBA basketball team.
This year’s version of the Cleveland Cavaliers seems to be in a rut at the current time.
The run of bad luck for the Cavs hit another low on Thursday night as the Chicago Bulls, a team with a sub-.500 record, handed Cleveland a loss that sent the losing team to its sixth defeat in the last 10 starts and a sub-.500 March.
Afterwards, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reported that James left the locker room before Coach Tyronn Lue could address the Cavs’ players.
James went on, did his bit with the media, which seemed pretty tense, and then, presumably, left the building.
What do we make of this?
Well, James says you shouldn’t make much of it at all. The Cavs star said his team is in a bad spot right now and that they’ll just have to work out of it.
Teammate Kyrie Irving gave a similar assesment in the post game.
While it’s hard to determine whether or not the Cavs will defend their NBA championship, it’s fairly easy to say, at least at this point, that the Cleveland team will make a deep post season run.
Are there flaws on this team?
I would have to say yes. There appear to be flaws.
You don’t see the Golden State Warriors slumping like this. But, at the same time, re-visiting history never hurts.
Remember when James left the Cavs and shunned Cleveland owner  Dan Gilbert to pursue better outcomes with the Miami Heat. Yes, that first season didn’t go altogether smoothly.
Miami Coach Erik Spoelstra had to put out many fires about team chemistry and all that jazz.
There was even a story about players crying in the locker room.
Miami was falling apart. And, where did they end up.
In the NBA Finals.
They didn’t win the title, but in a first year of a team being together, make the Finals was a pretty good achievement.
And what happened the following season.
Miami won the title.
These little “controversies” might stir some attention, but in the end, the melodrama will fade and when we get into the conference final round, no one will even remember this stuff.

NY Islanders
It’s with much pride and a dash of sadness that I report about my favorite hockey team from Long Island, N.Y.
The Islanders lost to the  Philadelphia Flyers on Thursday night and appear to be headed away from the postseason, which is frustrating.
The team was trying to surge into the postseason after an awful start that included the firing of Jack Capuano.
Doug Weight had led the team to within sight of the playoffs and the Islanders actually had playoff position at times, but the points deficit between New York and the wild card seems too big to overcome now.
Wait until next year.

Baseball Opens
The baseball season opened on Sunday with several games and my Atlanta Braves started their season on Monday against the New York Mets.
It’s going to be an interesting season for Atlanta, which is trying to mix a youth movement with a run on veteran players.
Because of the fact that the team is opening a new ballfield this year, many are speculating that the veteran players will be asked to help the team grab some wins at the new digs and provide a bridge to the future.
Got to say I would be happy with that. Anything is better than the misery of a season ago.
At the same time, if the youth doesn’t develop because the veterans are standing in the way, then isn’t Atlanta just creating a longer road to travel before it can get back into the mix and play for something important.