A year of hard work netted a well-deserved award for Unadilla’s Sydney Wellsandt.
Wellsandt was named as a reserve champion for the Catch-a-Calf Program at the National Western Stock Show in Denver recently.
The process of getting that award started a year ago at the Stock Show when Wellsandt was able to catch a calf.
She went back to Denver and picked up her calf in May. From that point, Wellsandt worked with the calf, cared for it and trained it to show back at the Stock Show this January.
She maintained a recordbook and wrote letters back to the sponsor for her calf talking about the animal’s progress.
Back at the Stock Show, Wellsandt gave a speech and showed the animal. She won several awards for her class including rate of gain, showmanship and overall animal.
By doing well in each of those areas, Wellsandt built up points and attained reserve champion status.
There were a total of 40 kids who caught a calf in the program.
In addition to earning her reserve champion award, Wellsandt also qualified for the junior elite market auction.