Otoe County Commissioners met for their regular meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 14, at the courthouse.
Sheriff Jim Gress opened the agenda by addressing the board with regard to vehicle replacements in his department’s fleet. Gress explained that he has budgeted to purchase three vehicles but will only be seeking to purchase two at this time.
Vehicles to replace are a 2012 Dodge Charger with 141K miles. Gress said a replacement would cost in the neighborhood of $145K. The second vehicle, a 2012 Dodge pickup, has 161K miles and would carry a purchase price of around $165K.
The board approved purchasing the new vehicles by advertising for bids. Gress said he would seek bids both with trade options and without.
In another issue before the board, County Attorney David Partsch talked to the members about an ongoing county road issue southwest of Palmyra. The county is seeking to address a curvy and dangerous road by engineering a safer option. Two options have been considered for the project. Partsch said, from the outset, the focus has been on public safety.
And the public will be encouraged to make their voice heard on this road issue. A public meeting is set for Dec. 5 from 5 to 7 p.m. at Palmyra so that effected residents can have the chance to discuss the road issue.
Commissioners Jerad Sornson and Dean Speth will be representing the board at the meeting.
Lastly, Michaella Kumke and John Mabry of the Lincoln Food Bank appeared to offer thanks to the residents of the county for their support.
Kumke said the name of the organization, the Lincoln Food Bank, is one that confused people. Despite it being a food bank in Lincoln, the organization supports 16 counties in southeast Nebraska, including Otoe.
“We have some wonderful donors in this area,” said Mabry. “I am here to say thanks for the great support we receive from our Otoe County friends. We get a lot of nice checks throughout the year.”
Anyone who would like to know more about the organization, or who would like to make a donation, are invited to visit LincolnFooodBank.org.
The focus on the organization is to help residents in need, addressing all demographics from children to seniors on a fixed income.