When Syracuse 8th grader Brady Reichmuth heard about the hurricane devastation, she wanted to do something to help.  Along with help from her father Roger and a very productive home garden, they sold the extra pumpkins and gourds to raise money for the hurricane relief efforts.
When St. John was hit by the storm, Brady’s cousin Leigha was there.  It took several days for her to establish communication with her family, and they were very worried about her.  It was then that Reichmuth decided she wanted to do something.
She knew that many people had lost everything in the storm, and she wanted to help.  Deana Reichmuth, her mom, said, “We heard first hand from Leigha about the devastation the hurricane left in it's path.  People were very generous and helped her cause.  It was also a good father daughter bonding experience.”
They gathered the crop and sold it at the Syracuse Farmers’ Market and other places around town whenever they had time over the last month.
A total of $525 was raised to be given to “One America Appeal” which is an organization that is focused on providing relief to those affected by the recent hurricanes. With an original goal of $100, the response was much more than she ever expected.  ​