The Post Prom Committee held a Tailgate meal at the S-D-A High School football game Sept. 1.  Over 150 people were served dinner and helped kick off the fundraising efforts of the group.
Each year, the Post Prom Committee, which is made up of parent volunteers, organizes an event following prom in order to give students a safe and fun way to celebrate their prom.  They receive donations from businesses and individuals, organize the event, and gather prizes to give attendees.
This spring, after prom the students will travel by bus to The Mark Family Fun Center where they will have fun activities.  In the past, the committee has alternated each year between a local post prom celebration and an out of town event.  The students had a lot of fun last year and asked to go to Omaha again.
Committee member Angie Cavanaugh said there will be another fundraiser at a basketball game in February.  Of the September 1 tailgate, she said, “Donations were really good.  I thought we had a really good turnout.”
In addition to the dinners, the committee will be organizing other fundraisers throughout the year and asking parents and businesses to contribute.  
They are also selling T-shirts for $15 that can be purchased at Jennifer Panko-Rahe Law Office downtown Syracuse.