Syracuse City Council approved a new contract for City Attorney Jerry Stilmock at a special Aug. 21 budget meeting.  Mayor KC “Tomas” Ortiz said that he has been very happy with Stilmock’s service and responsiveness.
Council member Alan Britton noted the value of his experience and tenure.  Because Stilmock has been City Attorney for several years, he knows a lot of what has happened before with the city business.
Stilmock’s new contract will go from a retainer plus $135 an hour to $150 per hour and a $750 per month retainer.  Litigation pay will be handled on a case by case basis.
A brief discussion was had about paying claims.  Council member Britton asked that the city clerk processes include a different person to open the bills from the one to pay them.  Also, he asked that they be stamped with a received date (which City Clerk Kelly Farmer said is already being done).
Syracuse Rescue Chief Tim Wilson discussed the billing collections amendment and contracting officer pay instead of salary.  This topic was tabled for further discussion with City Attorney Stilmock as there had been past discussions on the topic and City Council wanted more clarification.  A new member was approved - John Henry Boyles.
Fire Chief Bruce Neemann has been working on some roof issues at the Fire Hall and pursuing a backup generator.  He received approval for two new members - Austin Jones and Shaun Rempel.
The cemetery mowing contract was also a topic at the meeting; City Council is considering an additional Parks employee to handle that.  All departments went through their proposed budgets for review and changes.