A lot of progress has been made on the new Syracuse United Methodist Church building in the last few weeks.  This week, they hope to complete the windows, siding, and paper on the roof.
The church building burned in a tragic January 2014 fire, and after years of planning and praying, church members are very excited about the possibility of being in their new church in January 2018.
Pastor Gary Ganger said, “We’re very excited.  It’s just been a long time.”  When construction began, they projected a March 2018 completion, but progress has been better than expected.  The new estimated completion date is in January 2018.
Once the construction is finished, the congregation will continue to work on other projects in the church like the kitchen, carpeting, chairs, and sound system.  
Ganger said “Working together on projects just keeps the spirit up.  It will be good…  We’re trying to keep our initial costs down just to get in the building.”
The congregation had planned to tour the building Aug. 27 after church, but due to the weather, that has been postponed until this coming Sunday, Sept. 3.