The traffic began backing up in Syracuse first thing in the morning August 21 from buses and carloads of people heading down to see the Eclipse.  Highway 50 southbound was slow-going throughout the whole morning.
Hundreds stopped in Syracuse to watch and spread out in Williams Park, sides of the roads, and with the Chamber of Commerce at the Syracuse Business Center.  Though it was cloudy, Syracuse hosted visitors from Minnesota, Alabama, Iowa, Omaha, and many other places.
Due to the overcast skies, those in Syracuse couldn’t see the actual eclipse.  However, the moments of totality were a once in a lifetime experience for the majority of people who came out to see it.
S-D-A students in 4th-12th grades were allowed to go outside to watch the Eclipse with special cards/glasses provided by Peru State University.  Students in Pre-K through 3rd were allowed to leave with their parents in order to view the event.
Following the Eclipse, area businesses were flooded with visitors for the rest of the afternoon.  Northbound Highway 50 traffic was reported to be backed up all the way to Cook.  Law enforcement assisted with directing traffic at various locations.  
The slow-moving stop and go traffic continued through town until well after dinnertime.  Wherever they viewed, most people will remember this historic event for the rest of their lives.