The Syracuse AquaCenter will be open weekends until the last day of Aug. 27.  Recreation Director Shayna Murrell gave an update to City Council on the pool’s staffing changes including several manager issues, and she noted that they do not have the staff to continue past that point.  
The pool is typically scheduled to stay open until Labor Day, but they lose lifeguards who go back to school or quit and end up closing a little early.  Moving forward, City Council planned to hire more lifeguards next year.
Murrell also presented bids on batting cages at the Sports Complex, a water heater at the bathhouse, and discussed her ideas for the shed at Williams Park.  
Previously, the shed (with bathrooms near picnic shelter) was used by the city parks department to store equipment and operate out of that building.  
However, with the new maintenance shed at the Sports Complex, all of the equipment has been moved out there and the building is no longer in use.  Murrell plans to clean up the building and offer it as an option for community members to rent for events at the park.
Parks Director Jon Baugous discussed bids for grading of the Williams Park Pond.  Chad Pester had the lowest bid for the project.
City Council received other reports from the Treasurer, Sheriff, Library, and Public Works Department.  City Clerk Chiona Morris presented information with how to offer online bill pay to city utility customers.  
During the discussion, City Council member Alan Britton suggested that they offer this for two years and then assess a fee for those who continue to receive paper statements.  He noted that the generation of paper bills is a big expense for the city and many businesses are moving in that direction.  
However, Morris pointed out the number of older clients who may not want to do online bill pay.  At this point, it was just in the discussion stage.  Morris will obtain a contract from the company to be reviewed by City Attorney Jerry Stilmock and City Council.