In other news: Officers for Syracuse Fire Department approved by Council.

The City of Syracuse renewed their insurance policy with League Association of Risk Management (LARM) through Easter and Associates after a review of their policy options for the next year.  
Though multiple quotes were presented (that varied based on how many years they wanted to purchase: one, two, or three), Syracuse City Council chose to renew with a one year policy.  
However, because they agreed to provide 180 days notice if the city wants to cancel the policy next year, they received an extra discount.
Everyone from the city agreed that they had been happy with the services and claims handling experience with LARM.
Syracuse Volunteer Fire Department elected officers were approved by City Council.  The members of SVFD voted, and then the names were presented to City Council.  
Bruce Neemann remains Chief.  
Assistant Chiefs: Mike Goering, Craig Hemje, Craig Boldt.  Foremen: Darin Lintner and Adam Holz.
President: Tim Seelhoff.  Secretary/Certification Administrator: Thomas Neemann.  Treasurer: Chris Lutjemeyer.  The purchase of four new sets of bunker gear was also approved.
In other business, the property from the second floor of City Hall will be sold to the highest bidders.  
These items include seats from the old theatre, an upright piano, cabinets, and two older furnaces.  
No date has been set for that process as some of the property needs to be brought downstairs prior to bidding.