The Otoe County Fair will host a new Team Roping contest in 2017.  
The event will be held Thursday, July 27 at 7 p.m. in the arena.  Though there’s an entry fee for participants, the public is invited free of charge to enjoy the Round Robin Competition.
Team roping involves a header and a heeler who each have a role in roping a steer. They work together (each one on horseback) in order to quickly capture the animal.  
The header ropes and turns the steer; the heeler is responsible for roping the hind feet.
The Otoe County Fair will feature a round robin contest in which contestants enter individually as either a header or heeler.  Throughout the contest, each of the 15 headers will compete with each of the 15 heelers and scores will be calculated based on number of catches and times.
Organizers hope to attract competitors from inside and outside of Otoe County.  The top three scorers will receive a payout from the entry fees.  For more information or questions, contact Lon Jensen at 402-980-0208.