The Syracuse United Methodist Groundbreaking Ceremony took place on a day so sunny and bright that it couldn’t have further contrasted the cold, dark night three years ago when their church building burned to the ground.  Church member Sharon Underwood said, “It was so sunny at the groundbreaking that I had to use a beach/snow filter to take the pictures. It truly felt like God was celebrating with us.”
It has been a long three and a half years since the entire building was lost in a tragic Sunday evening fire in January 2014, and church members excitedly gathered June 4 to celebrate a new beginning through the groundbreaking for the new building.
For the last three years, the church has gathered in The Green Room for weekly services and other church activities.  Fundraisers have been held to close the gap between the insurance and the projected cost of their new building.  They have been overwhelmed with the generosity of many who have held fundraisers and made donations to help them meet their goal.
A potluck celebration was held June 11 to thank those who have contributed along the way.  Through the fundraisers and insurance, they are only $130,000 short of the $1,150,000 projected building cost.  In order to be debt free, the hope is to raise the remaining $130,000.
Pastor Gary Ganger said that it has sometimes been a challenging process, but he’s thankful his church has come together in order to move forward in the trial.
 He said, “I felt like my job has been to keep people united and not divisive.”  Pastor Ganger prayed they would have guidance and make wise decisions together all along the way.
Depending on the weather and other factors, the church’s projected completion date is January 2018.