Bugs for Books was a fun Syracuse-Dunbar-Avoca Middle School campaign dreamed up by librarian Jamie Hestermann that concluded with teachers Katie Morris and Ashley Anderson eating bugs first thing in the morning March 23 in the middle school gym.
The school raised almost $300 that will be used to bring books (through Scholastic) to kids who are in need.  Several teachers volunteered to take part, and students “voted” by making donations into the jar of the teacher who they wanted to eat the bugs.
The announcement was made just after the students said the Pledge of Allegiance; Morris and Anderson had tied for the most money raised.  
They were given the choice of eating the crunchy crickets straight or with ice cream.  
They chose to just go ahead and eat them.  Though Anderson found a leg in hers, they said it really wasn’t too bad.
Overall it was a great effort to raise money and have a lot of fun in the process.