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Mushroom Hunting
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By Shirley Gilfert
Shirley Gilfert is a freelance columnist and historian who writes about local history.
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By Karen Johnson
It is mushroom finding time again! I hear they are plentiful and some are oversized this year.
We also found a Mystery why was Ann Leonard going as Hattie Irwin? Maybe one of the Irwin Genealogists
will let us know. Where is grasshopper hill? Ask your parents or grandparents.
Several Kansas City folks were In this community on Saturday to hunt mushrooms. We folks who live near the "fields" think it- odd to drive over a hundred miles for mushrooms, but probably we are not so hungry for them as the city people are.
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Hamburg Reporter 5-7-1936
Sidney, Fremont co., Iowa
July 20, 1933
Long Time Citizen Dead
Ann Leonard, who for long had been known in this community as Hattie Irwin, died Saturday at the Hamburg hospital, to which place she was removed from her home some two weeks before. Though a resident of Sidney for many years, the record of her life is most incomplete. She was born near Galesburg, Illinois, December 12, 1866 and was therefore in her 77th year. She came to Sidney in December, 1894, and on August 5 following was married to W.H. Irwin, a Civil War veteran, who died five years following their marriage. Since that time, Mrs. Irwin had lived alone on her small acreage near the depot, busying herself with chickens and garden, living thriftily and independently. Mrs. Irwin's father was injured in a mine accident which caused his death a few years later. Her mother brought the family to this state and she too passed away when Mrs. Irwin was 14. She had five brothers, Henry, Jeff, Amos, Silas and John. Amos and John preceded her in death. Silas lives at Appleton, Missouri; Jeff in Sidney; Henry in Hollinger, Nebraska. There are also one half-brother, Edward Leonard; a half-sister, Mrs. Emeline Hare, a resident of Denver. Funeral services were held from the Wildberger funeral home at 2:30 Tuesday afternoon conducted by Rev. C. W.Howard, Methodist pastor, and interment was made in Sidney cemetery.
Thurman News
Ralph Carl, a former coach in our schools, and wife, with a party of friends from Tarkio, Missouri, were camping on Grasshopper Hill Saturday and calling on friends here. They were enroute to the Century of Progress in Chicago.

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